Display Regular and Sale Price On WooCommerce Cart

How To Show The Regular Price On Your WooCommerce Cart Page Showing the regular price crossed out next to your sale price is an excellent way to drive the sale home with WooCommerce. By default, WooCommerce will only show the actual price so in some cases your customers may not even realise that they are

Automatically Complete Virtual and Downloadable Orders In WooCommerce

Mark Orders As Complete As Soon As They’re Submitted In WooCommerce If you are selling software or other downloadable / virtual products, there’s not really any need to have the order “processing”. As soon as the customer checks out, the product is usually delivered. Therefore, it makes sense for us to just automatically mark it

Remove Checkout Fields For Downloadable Products In Woocommerce

Optimise Your Checkout Process By Removing Unnecessary Billing & Shipping Fields In WooCommerce Checkout Statistically, the easier your checkout is to use the higher your chances are of converting traffic into paying customers. One simple way to do this is to do away with unnecessary fields. For example, if you are selling software or downloadable

How To Get All Product Tags For The Current Product Woocommerce

Adding Tags To Your Product Page Is Great For Adding Easy To Consume Data By default Woocommerce will display your tags, but maybe you want to put them somewhere else or process them a little differently. Here’s how you get them on your product page.  Note, I am going to print them above my add

How To Remove “An account is already registered with your email address. Please log in.” Woocommerce Error

Let’s Simplify Your Checkout There are quite a few layers of validation to the Woocommerce checkout. The scenario I found myself in, is that I let users create an account on checkout to promote loyalty. The problem is, if they come back to make a second purchase with that same email address they will not

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