Getting Started

Alpha Insights Documentation

Welcome to Alpha Insights!

We’d like to start by welcoming you to the family ūüôā

Purchasing Alpha Insights

If you have not already done so, you must purchase a copy of Alpha Insights.

This will give you access to the latest version of Alpha Insights available to download and also provide you with a license key.

Where Do I Download Alpha Insights?

When you’ve completed your purchase, there will be a few points available for you to download your copy.

Firstly, the order success page will give you an option to download.

You will also receive a download link in your order email.

Lastly, you can always refer back to your account area to access your downloads at any time.

You will have unlimited downloads for the duration of your subscription.

Where Do I Find My License Key?

Your license key will be found in all of the same places that you would find your downloads.

This includes your account area, the order success page & your order email.

If you lose your license key at any stage you will always be able to access it in your account area.