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Online UTM Tracking Code Builder

Use This Tool To Generate Custom Campaign Parameters For Your Marketing Campaigns

Adding UTM Tracking Parameters e.g. utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign to your URL helps to capture reporting data about the referring marketing campaign. 

This gives analytics software such as Google Analytics, KissMetrics, Alpha Insights and many others the intel they need to provide you with insightful reports on your marketing efforts.

You can create these URL’s by hand if you wish, otherwise our tool above will automatically generate your UTM Tracking Code URL for you.

All fields are optional as there’s a pretty wide array of things you might want to do, so you will need to be mindful on what data you are putting into the tool. Always double check the final URL in a browser to make sure it will land you in the page you want.

Custom Parameters

We’ve added the ability to put custom parameters into your UTM Tracking code, this means you can add any key/value pair that you might want to. These fields are most definitely optional, only use them if you know what you are doing. Although if you do enter arbitrary data into these fields it will not conflict with your UTM Tracking codes regardless.

Industry Standard UTM Tracking Codes

UTM Parameter Description
UTM Sourceutm_source This identifies the source of the traffic, for example you might say it came from Facebook, Google, Youtube, Email Newsletter etc.
UTM Mediumutm_medium This is the marketing medium used, all of the values you might expect to see are ppc, cpc, organic, referral, social banner. You can use whatever you want here, but check in on your analytics software to see what’s been used in the past and try to match that.
UTM Campaignutm_campaign This is your campaign name, and this is totally at your discretion. If you’re running a 50% off sale for summer then you might have this set to Summer Sale.
UTM Contentutm_content The content is used to describe what ad generated the click. This might be an ad variant like high contrast text based image #1 or it might be a certain button on your website so you could say pricing page call to action.
UTM Termutm_term This one is specifically to do with search ads, i.e. the keyword used to get the click. Again, you can do whatever you want with it but if it’s not for a search marketing campaign I wouldn’t bother with it.

Using UTM Tracking Codes In Google Analytics

Once you’ve created your tracking code URL with the UTM builder above you can start monitoring the performance of this marketing campaign within Google Analytics.

To find your UTM-Enabled Marketing Campaign in Google Analytics:

Go to Google Analytics and visit the acquisition section.

From here, you can change the primary dimension to look at the top sources and medium for a start.

To find your campaign you can go to the campaigns tab under Acquisition to really dig into the performance of your campaigns. This is probably the most insightful way to use UTM Tracking codes within Google Analytics.

There are many ways to analyse your UTM tracking codes within Google Analytics but that’s outside the scope of this. I would mainly recommend visiting the campaigns report within Acquisition.

Where Can You Use UTM Tracking Codes?

You can literally use UTM Tracking codes anywhere that you might place a URL, which is a LOT of places.

Any pay per click advertising platform will allow you to use UTM Tracking codes, you just insert your newly formed UTM enabled URL into the destination URL of your ad campaign. This includes all the major online advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram and many many others.

You could even get creative and insert them into QR Code URL destinations if you so wanted.

Why Use UTM Campaign Builders and Tracking Codes?

UTM Tracking codes give you the ability to deeply analyse the performance of your marketing campaigns and start to divide the performance of your myriad of digital marketing efforts.

Once you can see data seperated between sales channels and marketing campaigns you can assign your marketing budget accordingly to get the most out of your budget.