One Page Checkout For WooCommerce

Increase Your Conversion Rate With One Click

Every now and then you come across those rare set and forget wonder plugins, this is one of those times.
Immediately after activating Alpha Checkout, the plugin will begin to catapult your conversion rate straight out of the box.
We’ve also added a suite of extra features for those of you that are conversion connoisseurs. 

Combine Your Cart & Checkout On One Single Page

Reduce your churn rate by combining your cart page and checkout page into one single page.

You also have settings available to enable or disable this feature.

Edit Your Order In The Order Review Section

Keep things even more lean and simple with an editable order review section. 

This setting is available when you choose not to add your cart to your checkout for an ultra simple user experience.

Ultra-Clean Distraction Free UI

Our default minimal template is designed to focus your customer’s attention on one thing and one thing only – completing the transaction.

With that said you can choose to use your default WC template whilst taking advantage of our other features.

Remove Unnecessary Fields

You may choose to remove any fields with the click of a button on our settings page.

You can also choose to remove all shipping related fields when your customer only has digital products.

And A Bunch Of Other Awesome Goodies

Automatic Account Detection

As your customer's type in their email address we'll remind them to log in if they have an account already.

Select Your Checkout Template

You can enable your default WC Checkout if you'd prefer and enjoy the additional features.

Redirect Cart Page To Checkout

Decide whether or not you want to truly integrate your cart page with your checkout page.

Hide Unnecessary Fields For Digital Products

Get rid of all unnecessary shipping fields if there are only digital products in your customer's cart.

Oh, And Also Up To 40%+ Faster Load Times On Your Checkout Page

Load times are absolutely critical for conversion rates.

The Alpha Checkout template is an ultra stripped back minimalistic template.

It automatically removes all unnecessary CSS files and templates so that only the necessary core files are being loaded.

This results in blazing fast load times and an increased conversion rate.

Lifetime Access


With An Instant Return On Investment

14-Day Money Back Guarantee
Premium English-Speaking Support

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want to guarantee that you are 100% happy with your purchase.
If you decide Alpha Insights is not for you then we will happily refund 100% of your money!

Our Promise To You

Above all else, we will provide you with some of the highest quality customer service in the world.

We honestly have fun and take great pride in making our plugins.

This means we not only offer a higher level of quality in our products,
but if you need help you will be speaking to someone who actually cares.

We would really love you join our family of customers, if you’re still unsure don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions.


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