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“This plugin is exactly what I have been looking for”

Providing You With Peace Of Mind

The Features

WooCommerce Cost Of Goods Reports
Profit By Order Dashboard

Order Profit Reports

Keep a razor sharp eye on how your business is tracking with order profit reports.

  • Total profit earned in a period
  • Total Profit Per Day
  • Most profitable day of week
  • Most profitable time of day
  • Most profitable orders
  • Full breakdown of order costs
  • Most popular payment gateway
  • Total product discounts
  • Profit projections over time

Product Profit Reports

Identify the winners in your business with product profit reports. These reports are perfect for double downing on profitable products.

  • Top Sellers By Profit
  • Total Number Of Products Sold
  • Total Quantity Of Products Sold
  • Average Product Margin
  • Average Product Margin (before discounts)
  • Average Product Discounts Applied In This Period
  • Top Sellers By Quantity
  • Profit By Product Type
  • Top Categories By Profit
WooCommerce Product Profit Reports
Profit By Product Dashboard
WooCommerce Customer Profit Reports
Profit By Customer's Dashboard

Customer Profit Reports

Hone in on your most profitable customers to build an accurate avatar of your most profitable audience.

  • Average Customer Lifetime Value (True Profit)
  • Customer Purchase Rate
  • Products Purchased Per Customer
  • Most profitable country
  • Most Profitable region
  • Most profitable Devices
  • Most Profitable Screen Size
  • Most Profitable
  • Guest Customers vs Registered Customers

Acquisition / Campaign Reports

Discover your most profitable marketing & sales channels through our acquisition reports.

We monitor UTM Tracking Codes and acquisition channels so that you can uncover and measure the profitability of your campaigns and marketing efforts.

  • Sales Breakdown By Acquisition Channel
  • Percent Of Revenue Per Sales Channel
  • Revenue & Profit Per Sales Channel
  • Best Performing Landing Pages
  • Top Performing Query Parameters
  • Top Performing UTM Tracking Codes
  • Filtering Options
WooCommerce Acquisition Reports
Profit By Marketing Channel
WooCommerce Subscription Reports
Profit By Subscriptions

Subscription Profit Reports

Analyze your WooCommerce Subscriptions with a magnitude of useful insights that you cannot find anywhere else.

  • Total Revenue & Profit Generated
  • Average Subscription Lifetime Value
  • Average Subscription Duration
  • Subscription Cancellation Rate
  • Quick Overview Of Current Subscriptions
  • Total Renewals Per Subscription
  • Signup Forecasting
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Best Performing Subscriptions

Simple Cost Of Goods Importing & Updating

Get setup in a matter of minutes but uploading a CSV, easily copying over data from another plugin or entering in values manually.

  • Instantly copy over data from another COGS plugin
  • Create your Cost Of Goods data by uploading a CSV file
  • Easily manage 1000’s of products instantly
  • Store COGS data as well as supplier info on the product page
WooCommerce Cost Of Goods Importing
Bulk Updating & Importing COGS
WooCommerce Expense Reports
Expense Reports

Expense Tracking & Reports

We’ve included a fully fledged expense tracking system so you can get an accurate snapshot of your bottomline.

  • Create recurring expenses
  • Bulk import expenses
  • Categorize and manage your expenses
  • Instant snapshots of expenses per day
  • Match your expenses up to profits and always remain in the driver’s seat

Profit & Loss Statements

Get an instant snapshot of your store’s bottomline with the ability to filter by date.

  • 100% accurate bottomline reporting
  • Compare order profit against all business expenses
  • Filter by date
  • Export Profit and Loss statement to PDF and CSV
WooCommerce Profit & Loss Statements
Profit & Loss Statement
WooCommerce Inventory Reports
Inventory Reports

Stock Valuation & Inventory Reports

Inventory management tool with an extremely detailed filter to help you analyze your product catalogue as you see fit.

  • Filter by product category, product tag, name, sku, stock status, quantity and more
  • Total stock on hand
  • Total stock valuation
  • Total unrealised profits
  • Export to CSV

Export To CSV & PDF

Export any report found within Alpha Insights to CSV or PDF to take your analysis one step further.

  • Export Order Analytics To CSV
  • Export Product Analytics To CSV
  • Export Customer Analytics To CSV
  • Export Expense Details To CSV
  • Export Product Inventory To CSV
  • Export P&L Statement To CSV & PDF
WooCommerce Export Data
Export To CSV & PDF
WooCommerce Schedule Report Emails
Schedule & Customize Emails

Schedule & Customize Emails

Don’t have time to review your insights? We can deliver personalized email reports directly to your inbox at a time of your choosing

  • Customize the schedule – daily, weekly & monthly
  • Personalise the stats we send to you
  • Email Profit Reports
  • Email Inventory Reports
  • Email Expense Reports

Multi-Currency Conversion

Alpha Insights support all multi-currency plugins & multi-currency orders by converting cost of goods & revenue to your store’s native currency. 

All WooCommerce currencies are supported.

  • Supports All WooCommerce Currencies
  • Automatically updates exchange rates
  • Calculates order revenue and profit
  • Supports multiple COGS currencies
  • Supports multiple expense currencies
  • Compatible with all multi-currency plugins
  • View profit reports in your own currency
Multi Currency Support
WooCommerce Integrations
Webhook Integrations

Integrate & Automate With 1000's Of Apps

Alpha Insights supports the use of webhooks giving you access to most modern automation platforms and much more.

Choose your own webhook endpoint & setup a schedule to assist in the automation of your data.

  • Send Your Data To 1000’s of Platforms (requires webhook support in third party service)
  • Schedule Your Data To Go Out Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Increase Efficiency By Automating Your Workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Alpha Insights works dynamically which means it performs calculations on your past orders according to your current settings.

Alpha Insights also begins to save your product cost of goods to each order as an order is being placed, this means that if your cost of goods change for a product over time, the cost of goods at the time of ordering will remain the same.

Yes, you can set the required role to grant someone permission to view Alpha Insights.

Those roles which are not granted permission will not be able to see any evidence of Alpha Insights, and therefore will not be able to see any potentially sensitive data.

No, there is almost nothing happening on the frontend of your website in regards to Alpha Insights.

All of the magic happens in the admin area which means your customers will not be effected by any performance bottlenecks.

Yes, you have two options.

  1. You can check out our demo website here to view automatically generated data.
  2. You can download a free trial to see the plugin in action with your own store data using this link.
    If you download a free trial you can cancel before the trial is over and no money will be charged.

Yes, a lot of our development time is spent fulfilling customer requests, particularly small adjustments.

Feel free to shoot through your suggestion to

Alpha Insights begins with a 1 week free trial, after which your annual subscription for $90 USD will begin.

Cancel anytime during the free trial to prevent being billed.

Click here to trial Alpha Insights.

Multi Language Support

Alpha Insights can be translated & viewed in any language, instantly.

Our plugin has been developed to integrate with language translation extensions such as WPML and other popular solutions.
* Requires translation API


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Our Customers


Average Rating of 4.9

Three Ways Our Customers Have Increased Their Profits Using Alpha Insights

By Focusing On Profitable Products

By Focusing On Profitable Products

Often the product producing the most revenue is not the most profitable. We can instantly show you your most profitable products so that you can leverage this to increase your profits.

Serving The Most Profitable Demographics

Serving The Most Profitable Demographics

Build your ideal customer avatar based on accurate figures of true value - profit. It becomes much easier to scale your store based on profit rather than revenue.

Reducing Unnecessary Expenses

Reducing Unnecessary Expenses

Our fully integrated expense system will easily show you where money is flowing out of your business. Compare this against your profits in order to decide what's really moving the needle.

Gain Insights No Other Tool Offers

Alpha Insights has been purpose built to enable WooCommerce store owners to focus on the one metric that will move the needle – profit.

Whilst your competitors are busy digging through fluffy metrics such as bounce rate and time spent on page, we can offer you invaluable insights such as your most profitable product, category, state, customer(s), device.. the list goes on and on.

And that’s just one component of this fully fledged profit finding machine.

Join the magnitude of store owners who are leveraging truly insightful information to lift their profits by 30-40% within a matter of days.

Busy Bob's Bandit Banana Tees

Busy Bob is a WooCommerce store owner, he's been getting sales but feels like growth has been slow.

After installing Alpha Insights it became immediately clear to Busy Bob that he hadn’t actually had any clue what his real money makers were.

Despite the fact that his Bandit Banana Tee shirt wasn’t his best seller, it was by far the most profitable.

Bob decided to strike up a new ad campaign, focusing on his Bandit  Banana tee.

He jumped into his customer profit report in Alpha Insights and found that his highest margin customers were mostly in the country of Banana Havana, specifically in the Creamy Yellow Hangout.

Bob couldn’t believe it, after running his new super focused ads he was not only covering his ad cost for the first time ever, but he was actually making considerable profit.

“Holy moly, i’m getting paid to capture new leads? That’s bananas!!!”

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We want to guarantee that you are 100% happy with your purchase.
If you decide Alpha Insights is not for you then we will happily refund 100% of your money!

A Word From The Author

Hi there, i’m Chris!

I myself am a WooCommerce online store owner, just a small operation and had been running ads to try and scale my business.

The Issue

The issue I had with my store was that I had been operating with little visibility on how profitable my business actually was.

There’s Google Analytics, yeah that’s cool, but there’s a huge hole in the insights that it provides.

Calculating my profits in any level of detail was tiring, let alone trying to assess the profitability of certain products or customers.

The Solution

Alpha Insights was made to uncover the mist surrounding profitability.

It’s incredibly good at discovering areas of profitability which are worth focusing on as well as highlighting problematic areas which need assessing.

While we were developing Alpha Insights, we also threw in a few other features that assist small business owners such as inventory management.

Alpha Insights Is Born

I created a low-feature version for myself, found it to be extremely helpful and decided, hey i’m going to share this with the world!

After many cups of coffee, months and months of testing and a worldwide pandemic, Alpha Insights was born.

Chris, Lead Developer Of Alpha Insights
Melbourne, Australia

Our Promise To You

Above all else, we will provide you with some of the highest quality customer service in the world.

We honestly have fun and take great pride in making our plugins.

This means we not only offer a higher level of quality in our products,
but if you need help you will be speaking to someone who actually cares.

We would really love you join our family of customers, if you’re still unsure don’t hesitate to reach out for any questions.


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